Frequently asked questions regarding Moonvalley

1. Do you get alerted when your prompt is finished?

Our Moonvalley bot in the Discord server will mention your username when a generation is finished notifying you. Note this will only happen if under Notification Settings you’ve enabled notifications for Mentions.

You can also search for mentions of your username to trace back completed video generations.

2. How long does it take to generate a video?

Video generations are based on server load and the number of users requesting at a given moment. In general for the different video length options you can expect:

  • A short video that is 1s long will take 2 - 5 minutes
  • A medium length video that is 3s long to take 4 - 8 minutes
  • A long video that is 5s long will take 8 - 12 minutes

How long are the videos generated? Can this be customized?

  • A short video is 1s long
  • A medium length video is 3s long
  • A long video is 5s long

At this moment, video clips cannot be customized to be different lengths/durations but this is on our roadmap to enable.

3. I’m getting a NSFW flag although my prompt isn’t NSFW

We check for NSFW content at the prompt level and the generated video level. In either of these cases if our systems detect NSFW terms or content it may return this alert. We’re constantly working to refine the sensitivity of our NSFW filter and appreciate your patience and understanding if it incorrectly flags your submission.

Rest assured only clear NSFW intended prompts will result in our mods intervening and either giving you a warning or banning you from our server for breaking our server rules. Please check #rules to understand our server rules around NSFW content.

4. Will I get banned if I have many NSFW flags?

Every ban is done by an admin / mod of our community after a careful review of your account and how you've been using Moonvalley. We'll make sure to determine if you had any clear intent of breaking our server rules before banning you. We do not auto ban based on our NSFW alerts.

5. Can I use the videos I create on Moonvalley for commercial purposes or publish them externally?

Yes, you can use content created on Moonvalley for commercial purposes as an end user. However, it's imperative that what you create adheres to Moonvalley's content guidelines and fair use terms. You should be aware that you are solely responsible for determining the appropriateness of using or redistributing the content, and for reviewing and approving any content prior to use or publication. Per our terms of service, Moonvalley will not be liable for any consequences arising from such use, including claims for plagiarism, infringement, or royalties. For instance, using the likenesses of celebrities, public figures, or copyrighted characters/other video assets in the video could hold you liable to copyright claims. Please use your best judgement went publishing videos generated by Moonvalley on external platforms. Link to Terms of Service

Link to Privacy Policy

6. What content is not allowed on Moonvalley?

Please refer to our Rules and Guidelines to understand what content is permitted on Moonvalley. Link here.

7. Is there a way to download the videos I create?

Use the download icon on the top right of a generated video clip to download it to your computer.


8. Where can I find soon to be released features?

You can view our upcoming features and vote to help us prioritize what we release next using the below link:


9. How can I share feedback to the Moonvalley team?

Share feedback by using the /feedtrack command in any channel.

You can also view our upcoming roadmap and vote to help us prioritize by using the /upcoming command.

10. I'm encountering a max in-flight error

To help with server loads and ensure everyone on Moonvalley is able to create videos in a timely manner, a single user can only have five prompts submitted for generation concurrently. When one of these completes, you'll be able to submit the next one.

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