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Prompting on Moonvalley


Welcome to Moonvalley. In this article, we will walk you through the simple yet powerful process of generating AI videos using text-to-video prompts on Discord.

Whether you're looking to create a charming scene of a kitten walking through a park or a more complex cinematic sequence, Moonvalley's technology brings your vision to life with just a few keystrokes.

Step 1: Accessing the /create Command on Discord

  1. Join Moonvalley's Discord Server: Ensure you're a member of the Moonvalley Discord community.
  2. Navigate to the Video Creation Channel (e.g. new-moon-1): Once in the server, you can prompt the AI tool using the channels labeled “new-moon-x” such as “new-moon-1”
  3. Use the /create Command: To start, type /create in the message box. This command initiates the video creation process.

Step 2: Crafting Your Text Prompt

  1. Describe Your Scene: The first parameter in the /create command is your scene description. Be descriptive of the scene you generate. For example, "a ginger kitten walking through a park in New York City on a sunny day" paints a clear picture of your intended scene. Note AI models tend to perform better with short descriptive prompts compared to long elabrote descriptions.
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  3. Tips for Enhanced Descriptions:
    • Utilize commas to communicate different aspects of the scene, for examples when describing the object vs the environment, a comma between the two helps the model understand how to interpret your description
    • Utilize cinematography terms to help with directing the scene. For example specific ‘cinematic’ or ‘8k’ or ‘wide shot’ are directives you can give the model to specific how you’d like the video to be generated

Step 3: Selecting Style and Duration

  1. Choose a Style: After describing your scene, select the Style parameter. This could include options like realism, 3d animation, fantasy, and comic book.
  2. Determine the Duration: Decide how long you want your video to be. You can read more about Durations here.

Step 4: Utilizing Advanced Prompt Modifiers

  1. Enhance Quality with Modifiers: Similar to Stable Diffusion, Moonvalley supports various modifiers to improve video quality.
  2. Examples of Modifiers:
    • Cinematic: For a movie-like quality.
    • 8K: For ultra-high resolution.
    • Wide Angle: For a broader field of view.
    • Consider experimenting with different combinations to achieve the desired effect.

Step 5: Executing the Command

  1. Finalize Your Input: Review your text prompt, style selection, and duration choice.
  2. Hit Enter: Press Enter to submit your command. Moonvalley's AI will process your request and start creating the video.

There are more advanced optional prompt parameters you can use. You can read about them here.

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