Moonvalley Paid Plan Announcement

April 8th, 2024

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all doing amazing! We wanted to let you that in a few weeks we’ll have to shift how this community runs quite a bit.

Here’s what’s up: Running the AI video tool for free has been an incredible ride, full of creativity and epic moments. We’ve been genuinely blown away by this community and how supportive you all have been using our tool and providing a ton of feedback.

But, we’ve hit a point where to keep this ship sailing smoothly (and make it even better), we need to switch things up a bit. Keeping the servers afloat to deliver it for free as a small startup is challenging, especially with some cutting-edge new models in the workshop.

Starting April 12th, at 9am EST, generating videos on our models here will no longer be free - instead access will be through our premium/paid plan, which starts at $7 a month.

If you’re already on a paid plan, no action required. The same applies for if you’re a contest winner or a volunteer mod who’s on a paid plan currently with our annual free coupon.

For everyone else, on April 12th, at 9am EST if you are a free user, you’ll no longer be able to generate videos unless you subscribe to a paid plan. You can still access this community and view / participate otherwise.

We’re pouring everything we’ve got into improving our models and deliver new, significantly more powerful ones. It’s all hands on deck to ensure Moonvalley remains your go-to place for unleashing your creativity.

Thanks for being the heart and soul of Moonvalley. Your understanding and support mean the world to us, and we’re excited to embark on this next phase with you.


Moonvalley Team

P.S. If you’re not aware of our paid plans. You can find more information here:



Do I lose access to Moonvalley?

You will not lose any access to Moonvalley’s Discord, but instead starting 9am EST on April 12th, if you try to prompt through /create you will be faced with an automated message asking you to subscribe to our paid plans.

Do I get to try Moonvalley before subscribing?

Unfortunately no, you will have access to our server and view other member creations that can give you a sense of what’s possible. Our plans are month to month with no long term contracts or commitments, so you can always try us out for 1x month and cancel if it’s not a good fit.

Can I still view my old generations on the Discord?

Yes, as an existing user you can still search for your old generations and view them. You won’t lose access here.

When will you be releasing new updates to the server?

We are constantly working on model improvements and hope to have more significant updates by June/July 2024.

What changes in how the community runs moving forward?

After April 12th, you can expect nothing to change in terms of our server structure or channels. Depending on activity levels we may consolidate any duplicate channels such as the new-moon-x channels to fewer instances to help improve the experience.

Tell me more about this paid plan

Please click the link above to learn in detail but the gist of our paid $7/mo plan will be the ability to generate videos on our servers either through public or direct message channels. In the future as we release more features or model updates, these will cascade into this base plan or be introduced as additional plan options for you to subscribe to.

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