Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

What content is not allowed on Moonvalley?

Adult Content:

Nudity and sexually explicit material are not allowed. This includes visible sexual organs, focus on bare chests, and scenes in showers or bathrooms. Even sensual or sexualized content that is video-generated is not permitted. Fetishes are also off-limits.

Gore Restrictions:

Moonvalley prohibits the posting of gory content. This includes detached human or animal body parts, cannibalism, explicit scenes of violence such as shootings or bombings, deformed bodies, severed limbs, and infectious diseases.

Other Offensive Material:

Content that could be considered offensive or derogatory based on race, sexual orientation, or towards any community is not allowed. This extends to offensive or inflammatory imagery of celebrities and public figures. We also do not allow any kind of generation which seems to impersonate or demoralize any real life person / celebrity.

Please note, Moonvalley continually reviews its content guidelines and they may be updated as our community grows.